Sunday, 19 February 2012

Playing with the technology today.

I started at about 8 years old building valve radios/transmitters from bits I could cadge, obtain, snaffle, purloin. I went on to become one of the Gang Of Four at our school who were excused lessons to attend the then Shirecliffe college computer courses in 1970-75.

To put that in context, I was also doing the same thing with bicycle parts too (other peoples), and to fess up, bribing the Alsations behind the corner shop with my Dads best steak, nicking the own-branded bottles from their yard and taking them around to the front shop and getting a refund. If you're old enough remember how it worked back then with bottles. Extreme scrumping.


2012 brings me with a now aged PS3, an Android HTC phone and a 5 year old flat screen TV - and this cantankerous home-built computer. I'm not into games much, (well as much as I'd like to - but £45 a pop? No ta.) So I have this technology, vastly underused, and I found an App that enabled me to connect through my home network to the PS3. Interesting.

I've been watching some 'Myth Busters' snippets from the Internet to my mobile, over my home network, home network to the PS3 beastie, through to my TV. A teeny bit jerky, but how cool is that? :)

Easily compares to the little bit of work my mates and I did on paper tape, punch cards and the then ageing IBM golf ball printers for Apollo 14. No monitors available to the monkeys behind the scenes in those days.

And enough time for a quick (unofficial) Home made Text Adventure over Janet

Mary, Paul, Peter, wherever you are, Saluté :)

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