Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Be there

I'm sat in my chair. To my left is my desk. Straight ahead is an 18 foot hallway.

Throw the ball. Dog fetches ball, dumps it on my lap. Throw the ball. Sigma fetches ball. Dumps it in my lap. Throw the ball..... Twenty throws later. Throw the ball, woofler fetches ball, he dumps it in my.....

Throw the 2 stone dog, who skids 10 feet, aka-Skoobie Doo. Sigma trots back up hallway, sits at my feet, looking at me with his head to one side, all big brown eyed, ears up and confused.

So am I. Oh, wait......

Sigh. Throws the ball.


Spent a lot of today fielding off emails and replying to twitters who don't check up to date info on either the changes to benefits and pensions and incomes that are upcoming or the changes over the last few years.

I really wish they would. I know it can be brain bending, I know it's hard work, and I know that a lot of people just can't get their head around the idea that these changes affect everyone, not just the unemployed and those with a disability. The first stop for anyone is HERE

I also know that a lot of people just want to avoid bad news and just take it on the chin because successive governments have messed them around so much. I really empathise. But to be informed is to be empowered.

It's easy to complain. But it's not so easy to keep up to date with the facts. Catchya.

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