Monday, 12 March 2012

Charlie Chat.

I'm sorry I had to go back to 'Captchya' on comment moderation. Within 12 hours of disabling it, I went from zero, ever, spam - to 20, 15 of which avoided Googles spam moderation. If it's any any consolation I find Captchya - aka word verification - difficult to read too.

I find it useful to hit the reset words button (on the right of the words) until there's words I can read. Sorry :(


Grand daughter sitting again today.

Well, Nan, as little 18 month old Charlie Girl (Not Charlotte, just Charlie) calls her, will keep her busy. Granddad is Biz Biz (always busy) she says with a laugh.

This house is definitely no longer baby proof. Little monkey is into everything. I'd almost forgotten how curious and inquisitive they are at that age.

Little Charlie has a profoundly deaf cousin aged eleven who lives with her other grand parents, who also Charlie-sit. At a year and a half old, being around her cuz, she's picked up signing quicker than talking, and the two of them sit giggling signing to each other.

The nice thing is that when grand daughter chats to her nan and I, she signs as she speaks, which really helps us understand her.

She doesn't know anything different. It's wonderful. I'm determined that she doesn't lose that ability as she gets older.

Now then. How to get her to tidy up after herself ?

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