Saturday, 10 March 2012


I DID have a doppleganger !

I was beginning to wonder if I was cracking up. I've not been told much, which I appreciate, because he has a right to privacy too, but it seems the chap has the same first name and surname as me, and his wife's first name is the same as the Bears. They live about a mile away. And he's a bit of a Mr. Grumpy.

Other than the above, all I'm told is that their much older than us, and he had a bit of a fall out with the podiatry services some years ago. As a diabetic, I have my feet checked once a year.

When I was effectively banned inexplicably from podiatry services, I negotiated with my doctors to have that dealt with at my T2 appointments.

Unfortunately, that coincided with a transition period in podiatry services, where they switched from surgery based, to sending a worker from a central base to surgeries, then to centralised city centre based, then to some outreach based edge of the city offices all within a short time. So paper 'index-card' records were being transferred here, there and everywhere and transferred to various 'experimental' computer systems.

I managed to squeeze out of them that some complaints were made against him by some podiatrists, and somehow it filtered to my GP. Luckily, a practice nurse said something along the lines of "Nah, that's not the Dray I know" and it's now sorted at the surgery.

Now I have that info, to sort out the hospitals.

Oddly enough, he's not a stroke survivor......

Naturally, my view of the NHS is a bit dim at the moment.


Rare Lesser Spotted said...

what a coincidence eh? I don't normally believe in coincidences but that is hard to explain. Glad it is all sorted out.

Wheelie said...

Neither do I, but bereft of further info so far, and the information I do have being slightly quirky and just complex enough to be plausible I have to accept it at the mo.

I'm not entirely happy though.

A rough probability analysis of a GP list of around 7,000 and whatever podiatry figures I can pick up from the NHS may assuage my curiosity.


Won't stop me digging around tho' :)

As you say - always go with the rational first....

Cheers !