Friday, 29 June 2012

How very odd. I have paw prints half way up the outside of my back window.

Dog prints. Big ones. Too big for Scruffy The Fox. The problem is, the window is 7 feet off the ground, and the paw prints are 4 feet up the window. So that's a dog, presumably 4 foot between back paws and front paws on it's hind legs that can jump 7. Medium woofler that thinks it's a kangaroo. Weird. A Woofleroo.

Ha! got my medic mates on this one. I'm a whisker, including whiskers, under 6 foot and weigh 13 stone 4oz. Under the old Body Mass Index (BMI) system, that makes me a tad overweight with a score of 26,18 to 25 being normal. "Nah, not bad!" I was told. "Don't worry about it" However? I queried. "Having a bath might shave a point off. Ha....err, waist 36 inch.". Ummm? Yes, about right. And a chest measurement of 44". "Really?" Yup. Really. "Well, Dray, You could lose an inch at least off the waist"

Ahuh. So. You suggest? "Usual. Eat less. excesise more." Strokie, I reminded them. "Ah, I remember, ex body builder. Overdid it" Yes. "Still, um, y'know" Yes. Left arm. 10% of left on right supported. Don't want one tit bigger than the other dont'ya'know. "Pecs?" Indeed. "Mobile?" A little, supported. By 5 foot wife. Want to know her 'Pecs?'. "Err, no, not needed". It was a joke. "Yes. So eat less?"

Gottim. I eat once a day, in the evening or not at all if left alone, because I don't ever, ever get hungry, and won't remember. Besides, eating makes me feel uncomfortable. Either way, when I do, it's no more than 8oz, half of which is protein. Works for me. Blood sugars, liver and kidney functions super normal, no diabetic neuropathy, nuthin. Sweeteners, naturally. That and 8,030 tablets a year. Eight Thousand and Thirty.

Upside is I can get someone to cook me something really posh, that would otherwise be really expensive.

For the record, not recommended. 

Beat that, I said. Totally straight faced they said "Thars y'problem guv. You're on 500 calories or less a day. You need to be on somewhere between 1500 to 2000"

How much? Gulp? It seems if you don't eat enough, your bod goes into emergency mode, and stores some of your intake as a fat, the wrong sort, usually around the waist. Effectively, eating too little is as bad as eating too much. Too much waist fat can cause heart problems

So I've agreed to eat breakfast. (ugh!) starting with the recipe below.

Ouef Brouille (scrambled eggs)

Serves one.

2 eggs
4 tsp butter
Pinch of black pepper
Chopped handful of fresh herbs.
cream or milk (optional)

Interesting technique. Bear would normally just chuck it all in a microwave. No butter. Or herbs.

Whip up your eggs, and place a  bowl over a pan of simmering water. pour in your eggs and whisk them slowly until they start to coagulate, then add in your butter and turn off, while continuing to whisk until the eggs are cooked and set. At this point you can add in a bit of cream or milk to stop the cooking.
Stir in the herbs.

You do know that scrambled eggs continue to cook between cooker and table? Hence the cream.

Good cholesterol, low in saturated fat, and if served with a chunk of wholemeal bread and smoked salmon will give me about 350 calories. Dunno about the salmon. Rather over rated in my opinion. Floppy, wet, and tasteless - unless you know different?

Upshot is, to lose weight I have to eat more. Shrug. 

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