Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Olympic Torch

The Olympic Torch came past my teens school.........

Bear and I took a wobble down. Quite a sizeable crowd, lots of excited kids and a chatty, party atmosphere, 

We managed to get a brief glimpse of the top of it.  The runner was hidden from view by all the marshals, police cars, police motorcycle escorts, police vans and cars. Yup. More coppers than a clippies* handbag. 

However, the police didn't try to hold anyone back, and the spectators didn't seem to care if they saw it or not. At some point someone shoved a can of cold lager in my hand and gave me a hefty slap on the back, said "Who let you out of your cage?" and promptly disappeared. No idea who it was still.

The kids absolutely loved it and whooped and cheered and ran around on the pavement, shop keepers stood outside their doorways beaming. And as quick as it was there, it was gone, and the crowd broke up, drifted away and headed for the shops :)

*Clippy. A female bus conductor. When we had bus conductors.

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