Saturday, 14 July 2012


I've done my seven days of trying to get out with The Bear at least once a day. Gawd, she's a hard one to pin down that one. But I'll tell you what, it's been an absolutely exhausting week, so I'm going to put the brakes on that for a little while.

After all, it was being on my feet and being available 24/7 that got me into this mess in the first place. That and weight training every day. No-ones fault but my own. Thinking of which, I heard recently that my old church elder, a GP - who's actually much younger than me - has been dropped down a grade for a while and ordered to rest because he was burning out. About bloomin' time too. We didn't call him 'Tigger' for nuthin'. Bouncy, bouncy.... :)

Anyways. walking. Or to be accurate, wobbling. I have perversely enjoyed it, but because  it's taken so long (50 mins for a 20 min journey) even with frequent stops, I've spent a deal more time on my pegs than we anticipated. So it was cool to get out, but I was in serious danger of overdoing it again. Uhuh. No way. Folks, there's nothing big or clever about pushing the limits of physical endurance. Well, ok. It's satisfying, but the body will bite you back eventually.


Don't imagine for one minute that I sit here and vegetate though. There's always something to do around the house, and if not that, 'my little lifeline' ie. This infernal machine. My extra eyes, ears, and communication tool. Except F*book. Can't stand it. Watching Bear on it, and trying to talk to her while she's on it is really annoying. Give me real people, email, forums and even Twitter any time. In that order. Computers are tools, and powerful tools at that. It still amazes me that someone will spend hundreds on complex pieces of machinery and software just to use F*book. But they do. Amazing.

Ooh, before I go for the day. Bear has cut my hair. My long, grey locks are no longer. I bet you really needed to know that :)

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